Robert A. "Red" Graham

Robert A. Graham Jr., the man who co-owned WMMM during the last years it was operated as a commercial radio venture, passed away on Thursday, December 27th, 2007

While serving his country during World War II, Graham was assigned to the soldier shows department. He had his own radio program, and appeared with many of the top named bands on war bonds shows. Graham also produced, directed and acted in numerous shows Graham also wrote several shows, including “The Eddie Cantor Show.”

The role that “Red” Graham is best remembered for is that of “Archie the Manager” in the Air Corp series of “Duffy’s Tavern.” After leaving the service, Graham teamed up with Ed Gardner, one of the originators of the program to create story and script ideas in the early 1940s at the private Longshore Club in Westport

Graham, also known as the “Charitable Emcee” for devoting his services from 1972-1996 to many of the country’s top charitable organizations by performing benefit shows with his wife, Peggy, without ever accepting a dime.

Mr. Graham had previously served as chairman of the board for WSTC-AM and WYRS-FM in Stamford, Connecticut as well as WREM-AM, in Orlando, Florida. His father, Robert A. Graham, Sr., founded Town & Country Travel in Westport in 1951, and he continued the business as “Red Graham’s Minuteman Travel” until it discontinued operations in 2000.

He is predeceased by wife Peggy and is survived by his son, Mark S. Graham and his wife Angela M. Graham, and grandson Harrison P. Graham, of Fairfield.

I would like to extend my sympathies to the Grahams on their loss.