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Donald Coley Sun, 28 Mar 2021 15:35:56 GMT -5

Mike Fast hired me as a transmitter engineer in 1965. I worked on and off part time at the Transmitter site in Norwalk, until I left to join the Navy in 1969. Bob Roberts taught me a lot, as did Mike Fast, and Alan (Smiley) Mathews was my greatest on-air Pal !!! I engineered many of the Live Remote Broadcasts, from Westport Country Playhouse on 'Opening Nights'. Dennis Jackson got a huge stack of my 45 RPM Records, as a wedding present, when he and Maureen married and headed off to make (was it Vermont?) safe for Hard Rock. Bob Meister was another Pal who worked there in the late 60's. Could it have been Len Bennett?, who accidentally went into a diabetic coma, while LIVE on the AIR early one morning while I was out at the Transmitter. I threw on a tape and called Westport PD to get him medical help!!! Any chance You could add my name to the Roster?

Ed Gaulden Sun, 20 Dec 2020 07:08:04 GMT -5

I was 14 years old when my grandmother gave me a 6-transistor radio for Christmas, 1959. It was our family's first Christmas in Westport, living on Newtown Turnpike. I remember inserting its 9-volt battery and turning it on I heard static. So I tuned the radio and... for the remainder of time we lived in Westport - we left for California in October 1961 - I listened to WMMM everyday. I still have that radio. It still works and where I scratched a mark to indicate 1260 Kc, I now listen to another local AM station on 1230 here in Anderson, SC.

Alan Ryan Mon, 17 Aug 2020 12:03:28 GMT -5

I was a part-time news anchor/program host in 1974. Bob Roberts was PD at the time. Cliff Mills was engineer. Dennis Jackson dated my sister, lol. I also knew Pete Elliot, one of Win Elliot's sons--although Pete did not work at WMMM. I went on to do afternoons at WGCH Greenwich then WNLK Norwalk. I was operations director of NLK's FM station, WLYQ. Later I went to WBT in Charlotte NC and did afternoon drive on BT's FM rocker, WBCY. I transitioned into TV at WBTV Charlotte. I finished my career after 13 years at news/talk WFLA in Tampa. Great to see this site. I grew up listening for the school snow cancellations on WMMM!

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