Many things have changed since radio first came to lower Fairfield County. WMMM 1260 AM was once known for its fine entertainment, timely news and community service.

Unfortunately WMMM 1260 AM Radio no longer exists in the form it was once known, but this web site is my personal attempt to capture some of the history behind Westport's original radio voice.

I spent a bit of time connected to the stations. I became aware of the stations during the 1970's when I heard them as a youngster. Years later a friend introduced me to one of the WDJF air talent. This small event would later open the door for me not only becoming the chief engineer of Westport's 1260 AM but later becoming a contract engineer for 108 FM in its post-WDJF life.

This was probably some of the most exciting times for radio as an industry. Thanks to deregulation, large corporate broadcast groups were buying up any available radio station they could get their hands on. The local community oriented radio station was slowly succumbing to the corporate radio owners whose focus was strictly the bottom-line profits a station could generate.

Even when WMMM changed ownership in 1987, the station was still playing an active role in local community service. Sadly, it seemed that the community had lost touch with its local hometown AM radio station. It was this failure to connect which eventually led to the demise of WMMM as a commercial broadcast operation.

While community radio may never return to the radio dial the way we all remember it, it's still interesting to read about how it existed in the past. I hope you enjoy this tribute to WMMM's past. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Note: When The History of Westport Connecticut Radio Tribute Site originally went online, its main focus was the commercial AM station licensed to Westport operating on 1260 KHz. At the suggestion of many visitors, the site will be expanded to provide additional history relating to Westport's commercial FM station operating on 107.9 MHz after its sale in 1984. Additional research has begun and this site will be expanded as this information becomes available.