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Thomas Fatone Wed, 17 Oct 2018 12:56:07 GMT -5


I worked weekends at WMMM near the end from 95 to 97. Loved my short time there. My mother has always said, that was when I was at my happiest. I miss those days. Any possibility I can be added to the roester.

Adam Schwartz Wed, 21 Dec 2016 16:26:48 GMT -5

I was born in NYC but moved to Westport in 2nd Grade. I find it so hard to believe something that was so important to my childhood and growing up in Westport isn't mentioned anywhere on your website. Anyone who grew up in Westport remembers WMMM for one thing and one thing only and that was waking up early on a winter school day when it was snowing. My brother and I would have our ears stuck to the radio waiting to hear those magnificent words that all of Westport School District was closed! How in the world can you not post something so important to anyone who grew up here? Shame on you!

Peter Fri, 03 Jul 2015 16:12:24 GMT -5

I was an account executive from 1982 -1964 at WMMM & WDJF

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