Donald Jason Flamm - 1899-1998

Donald Jason Flamm, the driving force for the majority of WMMM and WDJF radio's commercial life, had passed away February 15, 1998 at Florida's Good Samaritan Medical Center. He was 98 years old.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Flamm owned WMCA-AM in New York from 1926 through 1941. He also owned WPAT in Paterson, New Jersey. During World War II he help create a network of radio stations that broadcast American propaganda in Europe. This was the foundation for what would later become the Voice of America (VOA) radio service.

He purchased WMMM-AM in 1960 and constructed WMMM-FM, which later became WDJF 108 FM. He operated the stations until the 1980's when he first sold off WDJF-FM in 1984 and later sold WMMM-AM in 1987.

Donald Flamm is survived by his wife Elayne and a brother, Milton. An interesting note is that Milton Flamm is the father of former Station Manager Gary J. Flamm.

I would like to extend my sympathies to the entire Flamm family on their loss.