Changes for WMMM-FM

The year 1970 marked radio's 50th anniversary. Radio stations WMMM and WMMM-FM were recognized by Westport First Selectman John J. Kemish and Westport's Chamber of Commerce for its "... excellent programming and high ideals for community service." May 25th of 1970 marked a new era for Westport's radio stations. WMMM-FM had changed its call sign to WDJF, reflecting the station's ownership by Donald J. Flamm.

Prior to the change in call letters in the fall of 1969, WMMM-FM applied for and was granted a power increase from its 5.2KW power level to 50,000 watts. This made WMMM-FM one of the most powerful radio stations in southern Connecticut. In spite of power increase the coverage area was less than its potential since the FM antenna at the Willard Road site was only 79 feet above the average terrain.

A Wilton real estate agent located in the "corn crib" on Route 7 at the junction of north Route 33 was contacted. Here the station was led to Byington Construction, which had a communications tower located off Millstone Road. The round roofed building located on the site had previously been used as an airway directional beacon system that used a circular track located on the roof to rotate. Prior to this the site housed radio equipment and antennas utilized for civil defense.

Byington had been building homes in the area at the time. The Flamms struck a deal where Byington would secure the required zoning approvals from Wilton's Planning and Zoning commission to erect the 100 foot tower that would support the WDJF 6 bay FM antenna. They succeeded and the rest is history.

The Wilton tower site has been an issue of contention with local residents since the FM station commenced operation in the early 1970's. Attempts to increase the tower height or place other services on the tower had been met with opposition by local residents.

Intertesting note: In spite of neighborhood opposition the Town of Wilton located its police and fire communications antennas on the tower in 2001.

WDJF Tower in Wilton, circa 1974

Left, photo of the original WDJF-FM tower located at the transmitter site in Wilton.