Tower Troubles for WMMM-AM

WMMM had its share of tower troubles.

WMMM staff examined felled tower

On Friday, February 15, 1974 the station's west AM transmitting tower had been leveled as a Southern New England Telephone company truck snagged a guy wire (SNET's facility is located right next to WMMM's transmitter site and this guy wire terminated in their parking lot).

The station was forced to broadcast at reduced power until a replacement tower could be installed. Since radio broadcast towers are a relatively low demand item, it sometimes took up to six months for the manufacturer to deliver a replacement tower.

Pictured left are WMMM Technical Director Clif Mills, Engineer Edward Lawrence and General Manager Bob Roberts in 1974

FCC authorizes tower change

Norwalk Detective Examines Cut Guy Wire

A little more than three years later on Sunday, March 27, 1977 WMMM again lost one of the two transmitting towers that comprised its directional antenna array. Vandals had severed a guy wire supporting the other AM tower, bringing it crashing to the ground. Station personnel discovered the fallen tower at 5:15am on Monday, March 28 when there were unable to bring the station back on the air.

Pictured right is Norwalk Police Detective George Zeigler as he examines the severed guy wire which caused the Willard Road tower collapse.